The History of a Hilltop Industrial Park and POA.


In December of 1997 investors purchased 150 acres that would be established as Hilltop Industrial Park in Sarpy County, Nebraska. At the time, this area was generally undeveloped but there was a need for large plat sties ready for development in Southwest Omaha and the surrounding areas.

The first to break ground after infrastructure including roads, sewers and electrical were laid was Professional Veterinary Products (Acquired by Sergeants). Several other occupants would soon follow including Nebraska Warehouse, Cannonball Express and Inland Truck Parts.

Today Hilltop is home to over 25 industrial companies. Hilltop is also home to Sarpy County’s only Natural Gas Fueling Station powered by MUD and Trillium CNG. 

Other developments succeeding Hilltop have included Clause, PayPal, Southport (Cabela’s, Costco, Alamo Draft House), Prairie Queen Lake, Werner Park and Facebook.

In January of 2018 the Hilltop Industrial Park - Property Owners Association was formed.


Photos of hilltop industrial park